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2012 Personal Favourites

2012 has been an exciting year for me. I have learnt so much in photography and met great people who share the same passion. I couldn't get enough shooting as much as I wanted. So much more I was longing for venturing into. However as I couldn't have it all, I must value it more. Thank you everyone who caught in my frame and gave me the power to pursue into photography. These are the personal top 10 photos of the year 2012.

1. The two dare devils at Wattamolla beach in Royal National Park. Beautiful place with an amazing water fall. Surely now only the water falls from this place. This image was also selected by Photos 1440 Challenge held by Sydney Morning Herald.  (28th Jan, Canon EOS 40D)

2. The nun doing silent protest againg the abortion near Central Station, Sydney. My only decent juxtaposition photo in a year. Although I do respect her devotion to her faith, I could not agree to the anti-abortion movement. Jesus looked worried about her. (30th Jun, Fujifilm Finepix X100)

Trip To South, Batemans Bay

It's a holiday season in Australia. Let's bring some summer colours back. Wonderful way of finishing the year with the beautiful sun of the Sydney south.

All the images were taken with X100.
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Director's Cut

Some of the remaining shots from my film rolls are here. Various places at various times.
Palm beach at Sydney. Enjoying the last sun of the day. My well loved X100, focusing fail. The Centennial Park, Sydney. Jewish father and son taking a rest from bike ride. Near Haberfield Bay, Sydney. Fishing man. Darling Habour, Sydney. Early morning, peaceful time. Santa at the Sydney Convention Centre. Birds at Darling Habour, Sydney. China town, Sydney. Christmas shopping at the local store.
All the images were taken with Olympus OM10 with Kodak Tri-x 400.
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Chinese Garden

For the first time I visited Chinese Garden at Darling Harbour, Sydney. It's a kinda unusual place in my opinion. Although Darling Harbour is very close to the China town, its unanticipated appearance at there doesn't seem to be mixing well with the atmosphere of Darling Harbour. However, I have to say the garden itself is very well maintained and a nice place to spend some time.

On the day I was acquainted with the fellow photographers and this might be the last photo shooting of 2012. Have a great new year guys!

All the images were taken with Olympus OM10 with Kodak Tri-x 400.

My shooting with Tri-x continues. Unfortunately, there was a dreadful news about film this week. Film is dying apparently and no one can deny that. Since Eastman Kodak marketed the first flexible photographic roll film in 1885, I joined the party 127 yrs after, maybe it's a bit late.

More hopeful response to the newsweek article written by Bellamy, also well known as Japanese Camera Hunter, is a ve…

Glebe Street Fair 2012

The 18th Nov was a special day for me as I visited Glebe Street Fair for the first time and also first ever I shot with Kodak Tri-X 400. Without a single doubt I fell in love with both.
One thing you need to know before you head to Glebe Street Fair is that it's really crowded. It may not be very clear on the photo, but she is taking a photo of Glebe Point Rd that is packed with the crowd, river of people flowing on the street. More people means more interesting stuffs to look for, so it's good for me!
Festival Smile The band was seriously rocking the little ladies :) Great vibe of the day and it looked very cute. Rock n Roll babe Rock n Roll~!
One Honney Gazing ... Then, there was a samba parade in the middle of Glebe Point Rd. It looked good (obviously) but I wasn't very good at focusing. Oh dear, this is the time you definitely don't wanna miss :) Thankfully even after my clumsy manual focusing manouver, I could save some shots. Zone focusing next time for sure.

Talking in Notes

This year August I was invited to the graduation ceremony of the pastor of the church my mom attends every weekend. He just finished his doctorate in theology and asked me and other friends of mom to take the photos of the event.

When I went to the concert hall of the university where the ceremony was held, I also learnt that his son and daughter will play live classical music as a part of the ceremony. His son plays the cello, and his daughter plays the pipe organ. Even better they are real professional players, not just amateur hobbyists. I was extremely fortunate enough to enjoy the amazing sound right in front of my nose, eyes and ears :)

In the end, I even felt a bit sorry for the pastor since I ended up taking more photos of his children playing the instruments than him, but I believe he will forgive me.

This was my first time I listened the cello sound this close. I can't really describe it, but what a beautiful instrument it is! I still can't forget the warmth of sound…