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To Start With

Hello everyone.

I reckon I need to write something about myself before I start another photography blog.

I have been enjoying the photography as hobby since 2009. The first purchase of my camera was Canon 40D DLSR and it was the biggest motivation for me to learn the basics of the camera. I started from the quick guide came with the camera box which reminded me of quick recipe book like how to cook dinner in 10 mins, to the local community college where taught me what f/2.8 means and smaller aperture number means the wider opening that can blur the background and so on and on and on.

Canon 40D
Canon 40D + Sigma 30mm f/1.4

After I improved my understanding from what the buttons are for on DSLR to the consequences of pressing those buttons on image, I started to watch various photography videos on YouTube and widened the knowledge of the various types of cameras like range finder, four thirds camera and so on. Then there was this one camera caught up all my attention. Fujifilm X100.

Fujifilm X100
Fujifilm X100

Okay hang on. I know that this is sooo 2011. Just as a side note I have been working in IT industry for past 6+ years and one of the things I learnt is that being late-adapter is not that bad at all :)

Actually Leica M9 was the first camera I really wanted and you know the price tag on that camera. I just couldn't justify my mind and bank statement with my current level of photography to make such a purchase. So I looked around a bit harder then there was X100, the poor man's Leica. And it turned out that the result images are not poor at all in fact they are exquisite.

This amazing piece of photo engineering truly amazed me in many aspects. I won't  go through the pros and cons of the machine. Yes, its focusing is slow, menu is pretty messy and I am still accidentally turning exposure compensation dial when I didn't mean to. So what? It's like your wife. You know both of the goods and bads but you understand her and still love her. To me X100 is exactly like that.

The first thing I noticed myself is that I definitely feel more confident shooting this camera in public than my 40D. Having said that moving my attention to the street photography was a very natural path for me. Then again I realised how much new stuff I can enjoy and learn from doing it. Ironically I didn't buy this camera to do street photography. This camera brought me this new (at least for me) genre.

Although I mentioned the street photography, this is still very new and scary for me. I  haven't got over the fear of pointing the camera to the subject and doing ninja techniques. But still I would like to share some of my experience with other newbie to just-got-out-of-newbie level fellow photo enthusiasts out there and listen to what you think.

I will still post photos from my long time loved Canon 40D and other stuffs but will try to focus on X100 and my journey with it.

Hope you will enjoy your stay in my blog and wish to hear from you all.

All the images were published under the "Creative Commons" licence.


  1. Good job and good start. I enjoyed reading your blog. Looking forward to your photography experiences. Good luck!

    1. Hello Scott,

      I like your blog and reading about the X100. I am thinking about buying the x100.

      I like your picturs.

      Greatings from Holland (Rotterdam)

    2. Cheers Paul. You will love the camera :)


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