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16 years to 10000 hours

One of my favourite books in recent years was Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers: The Story of Success (2008). The main reason I liked the book is that unlike the stereotypical self-developing style title, it does not try to teach the readers how to become successful. On the contrary most of stories in the book are the product of observation that is processed in the author’s analytical mind about how the successful became successful. The funny thing is that you would find out more about why you are not so successful than how to be successful.

Anyway in the book Gladwell repeatedly mentions the “10,000-Hour Rule” - the idea that it takes approximately 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master a skill.

After I read this book I developed a new habit of counting hours of things that I do/did in order to measure the current skill level. So now you can see where I am heading with this.

I work full time during the week days like any other. Some street photographers I know  often take their cam…

HeadOn Inspired

It's Head On Photo Festival season in Sydney, giving us a plenty of photo events to go to. On my way from the Paddington Markets I encountered with ACMP Inspired at Head On outdoor exhibition. The awesome works from Australian commercial photographers were hanging between trees at the Centennial Park.

By looking at the works of these professional it really made me think how to be more creative. Funny thing is that I don't believe that's something you can learn from. I might be able to learn various techniques of operating cameras, some common compositions to make the scene look better and so on, but being truly creative? well ... it's hard to say. I will just keep practising and mimic the works of the better while hoping I will be creative someday. Keep me inspired :)
All the images were published under the "Creative Commons" licence.

Paddington Markets

Time to time I go to Paddington Markets that is near Centennial Park in Sydney. It's not a type of market you would go to find second hand bargains, rather you would find the products that can't be found in an ordinary shopping centre.
It's always nice to get out and get some fresh air. Love the atmosphere in Oxford street. Plenty of cafes, pubs and galleries you can hang around and chill.

After parking at the Centennial Park, it's just a 10 mins walk to get there.

Nice cafes on the way you can find, especially you can indulge yourself with the sweetness of chocolate

The vivid colours coming out with nice sunlight of the day. I kinda liked his double sided face paintings.

The vintage sunglass store was using Nikon F film camera as a sunglass holder. Really wondering whether the camera is actually operational.

Orange wig hair lady.

Now full swing with Black and White.

The guitarist who spotted me. A quick smile after also made him smile. 

Amazingly friendly craftsman enj…


When I walk around the street I do find some interesting things regardless of human presence in the scene. Having people in the frame truly makes the photo more interesting but there are some scenes just it works as it is.
I don't really know much about the motor bikes but this red muscle caught my attention at once. If I would/could ride a bike ever then I do want ride something like this.

Hendrix, Marley, Zeppelin ... then Bieber? Probably not bringing anything unique to the music world could be the uniquest thing Justin Biber can achieve.

This small nail store somehow made me laugh. Those hands would fit naturally in Addams Family movie set.

This ambiguous looking head puzzled me for a moment to find out what sort of store this was although you can find many many glasses in the background. I still don't get what this is yet.

All the images were taken by X100.

All the images were published under the "Creative Commons" licence.

Parramatta Park

Parramatta Park is very close to where I live. One interesting thing about this park is that you can't really find dogs. Yes, I said right. There are hardly any dogs in this park. Why?

The Parramatta and Westmead which is the suburb right next are well known for big population of Indian people and I have to say (even endangering the possibility of over generalisation of the race) having a dog doesn't seem to be a big part of Indian culture. That's all I have to say. Instead you can easily find many groups of people playing cricket on weekends.

Don't get me wrong. I have no single problem of enjoying a park without dogs. I usually do my jogging here so less dog means more pleasant running for me too. Just it's funny to find these sort of cultural differences in the park in certain suburbs. Unlike this one you will find more dogs than humans in the park near Newtown on weekend.

Anyway one of the weekends, I had a chance to have a quick walk with my family and playing…

Photographing Photographer

I was walking on the street in Glebe Sydney and met this man who was selling his own prints on the street. His photos were mainly portraits from the street and I have to say I really liked his works. His prints made me feel that I want to have my own prints of some images. Those images I mainly see on the computer screen looks definitely different from the ones being printed on the paper.

Anyway I was trying to take the photo of him and was crouching behind the tree whose trunk you can see on the right side of the image. Then he finally noticed me taking his shot and his intense eye sight was captured.

In fact he was a nice friendly guy and we had a quick conversation about his photos. He smiled at me after I took the image and said to me, "I normally do what you just did" which I took it as a compliment.

All the images were published under the "Creative Commons" licence.

Art Gallery NSW

The museum is an interesting place. Whenever I visit any type of museum and make myself surrounded by all those beautiful art works, it gives me a good deal of satisfaction of being an artist who I am actually not. Similar satisfaction that you can get while putting items into your wish list while browsing eBay as if you are going to buy all of them. I confess that I do have many cameras in my eBay shopping cart, just haven't checked out yet :)

Art Gallery NSW was the place where my first ever photography course teacher brought the group for outdoor shooting and she was really emphasising how to create a good composition by changing the perspective. So I was fiddling with my camera, changing angles, close/far from subject, sitting down, climbing up and so on, that was in 2009. I don't think my photography got any better since but at least I have trained my eyes to recognise how boring and pointless those photos I took.

Anyway finally I went back and there was something about A…

Central Station and Newtown

Nowadays I don't have many chance to walk through this tunnel at Central Station as I live/work far from the CBD area but whenever I go back to the place it's always pleasure to meet various musicians and artists. Most of time I'm a bit too busy to stop enjoying their act but with my camera it gives me a good reason to spend some more time.

I don't know much about the Australian aboriginal painting but those patterns they draw give me the good expressions of the soil they have lived. The land, animal, trees and so on. Just nature they loved. Many times it's sad to see the way they are treated in Australia in modern days.

In Newtown there is a coffee shop called 'Campos Coffee'. I swear to god they have the best affogato Sydney can offer.

Happy wife means happy life. I'm glad she liked the Campos.

I like T2 store not just because they sell great teas but also they have so many colours. Such a vibrant shop to walk in.

All the shots were taken with Finepi…