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Everything has the beginning

So, I was excited to have this camera. After it was delivered to my door step I did probably hundred of shooting in my house while learning basic operations of the camera. Furnitures, bookshelf, guitar, glasses, rooms, my starting to get annoyed wife and so on. Then what's next? I decided to go out door and try the camera.

The destination was the Centennial Park and Manly Beach in Sydney.

"Kiting" at Centennial Park, Sydney
 First of all I the image quality. Oh my goodness, the details of the raw image it produces was truly amazing. When I just go out for a picnic or something and didn't really want to shoot any photos, I normally just carry Canon S90 compact camera for the convenience. So I understand the differences between shooting 40D and S90. Now with X100 it is the perfect balance of both worlds!

"Lady with pug" at Manly, Sydney
My wife blindly loves pugs so this picture just scored so much point for me.

"Kids" at Manly, Sydney
This picture was taken with ISO 1600. Some reviews say the camera does pretty great even at 3200 but  in my opinion 1600 seems the maximum I can bear.

"Lady with Red Coat" at Manly, Sydney
As a person who just learning the street photography, this picture was the monumental as I indeed waited for her to come into my frame. Luckily she does not walk that fast :) Colour Your World !

"Baby with Mom" at Manly, Sydney
One thing I noticed about myself is that since I have been shooting with 40D with the lens equipped with the Image Stabiliser, I literally tend to shoot quite fast and the same habit fails on moving subject with X100. As I'm now using the fixed lens with no Image Stabiliser, I definitely need to go back to what I learnt from the community college, how to use the camera. How to stand, how to hold and make yourself steady and paying good attention on the shutter speed as I mainly shoot in AV mode.

"Smiling Dog" at Manly, Sydney
 Another dog treatment.

"Couple with Full Moon" at Manly, Sydney
This shot I tried pretty hard to get the focus right but wasn't quite enough especially under the low light condition like this. Probably I should have shot it in the manual mode but at least turning it into BW made it look a bit better.

Every relationship starts from the small moments in the beginning. The first date can't be perfect of course and this shooting was a great learning ride on X100.

At the end of the day when I started to loop through images on my screen, I was totally convinced that I made the right choice to buy this camera. I just love how the grip feels in my hand and how light it is to carry around and still it produces amazing images quality. Now no turning back :)

Thanks for reading.

All the images were published under the "Creative Commons" licence.


  1. Hi Scott,
    I much enjoyed reading about your experience with the X100 and can share every bit of it.I feel the same way.
    Keep on using it and you will love the camera even more.g.
    Nice pictures buy the way.
    Greetings from Germany

    1. Thanks Daniel. I'm glad you liked it.


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