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Newtown, Street and People

These are the images from Newtown photo shoot. Dynamic place with a variety of people all the time. The very first street shooting of the street photography class I'm in now.
The best thing about shooting with other people is that I can see what I couldn't at the place, but the others could capture. Apparently everyone sees things differently and that's the best lesson I can learn comes from going through their works. Thanks to everyone who gave me really constructive advices.

All the images were taken with X100 except for the bicycle shot which is taken with 50mm equivalent lens on 40D. 
All the images were published under the "Creative Commons" licence.

Tai Chi

So ... I was in Newtown, Sydney last weekend and encountered an Australian man practising Tai Chi at Camperdown Memorial Park. I had lived in Newtown for many years in the past including 3 years of living literally right next to this park, but I never seen a person practising Tai Chi here before. The only occasion I remember was the Chinese overseas student doing it at the USYD. This was really interesting to watch so I observed him for a while in distance.

Luckily, I attended the street photography class in the morning, hence I was with all my gears. I just couldn't walk away from this awesome photo shooting opportunity, so decided to walk to him and ask his permission. Fortunate enough he turns out to be not only good at Tai Chi, also a very kind and polite man who didn't mind at all being his photographs taken. He explained to me that he learnt Tai Chi from his master in Melbourne, whose name I can't remember, and has practised about 2 years now.

My photography classmat…

Shenzhen, China 2011

It hasn't been that many years since I have been photographing things, maybe about 2-3 years actively? Surprisingly enough, the size of my library already has grown quite large, time to time I happen to find hidden treasure from the ones I have forgotten. While I was doing some cleanups in my Aperture 3 library, I revisited the previous projects.

These are the ones taken at Shenzhen, China in 2011. Despite the fact that they were taken not that long old, I discovered the way I do post-processing has very much changed since and I wanted to create different versions of images. Sadly, I didn't take the photos in RAW format at the time as I was travelling with limited size of memory, so these are all re-process from JPEG files.

Shenzhen was one of the most dynamic city I have visited. It locates literally one train stop from Hong Kong, you go through the custom from HK, then after one stop you enter the country through Chinese custom again. Wherever you go in any time of the day yo…

Capturing the Ocean

No matter how often I go to the beach, I always get soothing feeling from gazing at the sea horizon and I can't be the only one who shares the idea. Sometime ago I was at Marks Park near Bondi beach, Sydney. People were trying to store their visual images into the camera. Regardless of the type of camera you have the nature brings it into action.

I found it quite funny when I was looking at this man staring at his tiny iPhone screen for a long time while facing this wide open ocean in front of him. However, how I can laugh at him as I was looking into the small viewfinder of my camera at the time :)

This man was also taking a picture and this was the first time I saw Pentax K-01 camera on the field. He was using the white model which I think looks much better than the yellow one. The camera is designed by Mark Newson who is apparently famous for his design of the curvy chair in Madonna's music video.

I have found its chunky boxy design to be really attractive since the launch…

The Sydney College of the Arts

This weekend I started a new photography class. The Creative Street Photography course from The University of Sydney. The first class was held at The Sydney College of the Arts in Rozelle, Sydney, Australia.

The very first time I walked inside the campus, it's was raining Saturday morning, the campus was empty and no students were found, giving desolate atmosphere in general. According to the Wikipedia:

It is housed in the Kirkbride complex, a cluster of sandstone buildings designed by James Barnet, the government architect in the late 19th century. The complex was part of the Callan Park Lunatic Asylum for the Mentally and Criminally Insane, which was built between 1878 and 1884.[2] It was a major psychiatric hospital for many years but, in the late 20th century, the hospital functions were moved to the western section of the estate and the Kirkbride complex became the home of the College of the Arts. The college is a base for the study of the visual arts.

Interesting history behi…

Fish Tank

The office I work had moved last year to the new location. The new office has the outdoor balcony fish tank which had been collecting the rain water, leaves and various garbages, and there we also found a group of gold fishes living. The place had not been occupied for months and even the landlord was puzzled how and where those fishes were come from. One of theories we came up with, which I thought quite plausible was the hurricane brought the fishes from the sky, but who knows?
We decided to give them a new home as maintaining that unused outdoor fish tank was too much troublesome for us, so relocated them into a smaller fish tank. The first fish tank we prepared proved to be the good settlement of these lost fishes at first, however as the time goes by the poor location of the tank made changing the water to be very difficult and eventually the colour of the water turned into the colour of thick black tea. Sigh... They have been eating and drinking their own ...
So today new fresh…

Vivid Sydney 2012

Every year the sydney harbour is shined by beautiful light show - Vivid Sydney. Finally this year I made myself to visit the Circular Quay although the weather was deeply gloomy throughout the event.

This amazing screening on the Opera House definitely attracts huge amount of tourists and the amazing transformation of the Opera House is something to watch.

When there are so many people who are busy taking pictures, that also makes me busy taking pictures of them. The girl in the next picture finally noticed that I was taking picture of them. Of course I smiled back sending the message that I'm an innocent photographer, no harms to you ^^ However I honestly think her friend honestly seems enjoying the attention.

I don't really take the pictures of the buildings but this time I had to share some of them as they looked quite amazing.

Everywhere you go colours, colours and colours. Shining ion electronics beautifying the night of Sydney Harbour.

The Museum of Contemporary Art turn…