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Capturing the Ocean

No matter how often I go to the beach, I always get soothing feeling from gazing at the sea horizon and I can't be the only one who shares the idea. Sometime ago I was at Marks Park near Bondi beach, Sydney. People were trying to store their visual images into the camera. Regardless of the type of camera you have the nature brings it into action.

iPhone vs  Ocean
I found it quite funny when I was looking at this man staring at his tiny iPhone screen for a long time while facing this wide open ocean in front of him. However, how I can laugh at him as I was looking into the small viewfinder of my camera at the time :)

Pentax K-01 vs Ocean
This man was also taking a picture and this was the first time I saw Pentax K-01 camera on the field. He was using the white model which I think looks much better than the yellow one. The camera is designed by Mark Newson who is apparently famous for his design of the curvy chair in Madonna's music video.

I have found its chunky boxy design to be really attractive since the launch of the camera. Obviously Mark tried to create something different from the conventional look and feel of cameras and I think he succeeded without doing too much. It was a nice encounter of the day.

All the photos were taken with Fuji X100.

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All the images were published under the "Creative Commons" licence.


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It's time to give a quick shower to the dead …


One thing I always wanted to do well is a water sport which I can't do at all. Watching people enjoying themselves on the continuous waves from the ocean makes me smile and slightly jealous at the same time.

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