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Fish Tank

The office I work had moved last year to the new location. The new office has the outdoor balcony fish tank which had been collecting the rain water, leaves and various garbages, and there we also found a group of gold fishes living. The place had not been occupied for months and even the landlord was puzzled how and where those fishes were come from. One of theories we came up with, which I thought quite plausible was the hurricane brought the fishes from the sky, but who knows?

We decided to give them a new home as maintaining that unused outdoor fish tank was too much troublesome for us, so relocated them into a smaller fish tank. The first fish tank we prepared proved to be the good settlement of these lost fishes at first, however as the time goes by the poor location of the tank made changing the water to be very difficult and eventually the colour of the water turned into the colour of thick black tea. Sigh... They have been eating and drinking their own ...

So today new fresh fish tank has been installed in the office and after the enormous amount of efforts from our team leader, Mr. G, they found a new home again. It even has the lighting system built into :)

I made some time in the evening and took some pictures of them. 

Fresh new home

One fish without the shame of doing private business in public space...

How many do you see?

Fishes with good curiosity

Such a efficient design applied to a swimming body

Nice scales of the fish, great light reflector by the way.

Heading somewhere?

Just right amount of ISO noise for me.

Hiding from the lens.

Happy life fishes, please don't die from the fresh tap water.

All the photos were taken with Canon S90 compact camera. The S90 I bought back in 2010 and has been a great little mighty friend whenever I go out or even a short trip, especially when I don't want to carry my chunky DSLR. Recently it also found its new place in my everyday working bag so I never end up in such a situation which I would blame my own laziness of not bringing a camera. Although since the purchase of X100 it has lost quite bit of advantage of being small and easy to carry, it still is a great camera for me which I don't want to let go in eBay.

I shot the photos in AV mode with ISO 800, RAW+JPEG format and the mixture of normal+macro focusing. All the result photos here were processed from RAW format in Aperture 3. The noise level in ISO 800 was relatively high but personally I like the way it is.

All the images were published under the "Creative Commons" licence.


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