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So it was Saturday afternoon we headed to Balmain where is full of nice cafes, galleries and of course the market. I was especially excited for the seller I met a while ago at the market who had boxes of old film cameras and hoped to find a hidden jewel in the mud. Unfortunately, I found him in the end, but he had no jewel for me this time. Anyway, these are some of the photos of the day.
The King This necklace was really nice and had a great bargain, the reason why you come to the market. Blues man Her proudness. All the images were taken with X100. 
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All the images were published under the "Creative Commons" licence.

Blues Point Reserve, 2009

Blues Point Reserve was one of the very first place where I visited solely in order to take photos. It locates in McMahons Point, the north side of Sydney, and you can enjoy the great view of of the harbour. I remember walking around the water side taking scenic shots, also going through small bushes taking photos of little things in the park. Nice place to hang around definitely.

The thing really impressed me was this little brass band played and the people getting relaxed and dancing with the music. A couple of years later now, I was going through these photos again, I rediscovered the next few and found them very differently.

The band plays very calm music and the couple dances monotonously, two gentlemen in each photo seem falling in a sleep. When I recall the time and the place back, it feels very strange now. It looks very sweet at first, but something was unatural at the scene and I couldn't and still can't really figure out what it is. Maybe it's just me who is wro…

Jumping into the youth

It was January this year, still in the middle of hot summer. I had a quick trip to Wattamolla beach in Royal National Park, Sydney. It is a very unique place with a unique name - aboriginal for "place near running water".

The back of the beach has a horseshoe shaped lagoon which meets the cliff where daredevils ignore the prohibition sign and jump into the lagoon enjoying the thrills. I went to the cliff just to take some scenic photos and unexpectedly met these local kids. After a short conversation I was able to persuade them to do jump for me.
When the kids asked me to join them and jump together, I used my DSLR camera as an excuse and was thinking how great to be young and stupid in a good way :) I remembered those crazy things I used to do when I was a teen, but now I just have too many things to worry about. It is the responsible thing you get to have as the consequence of being growing up, however sometimes you just wish to have none of those and become free again.

Winter Afternoon, Manly

It was a typical rather quite winter afternoon at Manly. Nothing special happened there, and no need to have anything special. Such a beautiful place to visit any time of the year. One of the good parts of being in Sydney. Relaxing time, Coffee time.
Happy wife, happy life It's pretty impractical to smoke while you are taking a shower in my opinion. Unavoidable hesistance in front of camera.

All the images were taken with X100.

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All the images were published under the "Creative Commons" licence.

Graffiti, Racism, Newtown

Walking down the back streets and alleys in Newtown is like going through the hallway of modern art museum. Corner to corner you can find fine pieces of graffitis, paintings and various form of art work. Graffiti is strictly illegal as far as I know, but the people here learnt how to live with them and treat it a part of the street, or maybe they just had no other choice.

The local council seems to manage the street signs and public buildings well, but they implicitly allow it in the certain part of the streets and let the artists enjoy the free canvas. It's still a fine line between being an art and stupid vandalism,  but here it's the transformation of mundane objects into arts.

Penis to her eye? I found this be very childish but creative in some way.

Watch out your corners.

Flying high? Birds entrapped on the wall.


One interesting place I visited on the day was the home of Newtown artist, Sergio Redegalli. I got to know his story from TV show 'Dumb, Drunk and Racist