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Jumping into the youth

It was January this year, still in the middle of hot summer. I had a quick trip to Wattamolla beach in Royal National Park, Sydney. It is a very unique place with a unique name - aboriginal for "place near running water".

jumping into the youth 01
jumping into the youth 02
The back of the beach has a horseshoe shaped lagoon which meets the cliff where daredevils ignore the prohibition sign and jump into the lagoon enjoying the thrills. I went to the cliff just to take some scenic photos and unexpectedly met these local kids. After a short conversation I was able to persuade them to do jump for me.
jumping into the youth 03
jumping into the youth 04
jumping into the youth 06
jumping into the youth 07
jumping into the youth 09
When the kids asked me to join them and jump together, I used my DSLR camera as an excuse and was thinking how great to be young and stupid in a good way :) I remembered those crazy things I used to do when I was a teen, but now I just have too many things to worry about. It is the responsible thing you get to have as the consequence of being growing up, however sometimes you just wish to have none of those and become free again.
jumping into the youth 10
jumping into the youth 11
All the images were taken with Canon 40D. To take those jumping ones, I set AF Drive mode to be High-speed continuous shooting with 1/60 shutter speed. Yes, the shutter speed wasn't that fast as intended. I wanted to create more dynamic scenes, so chose a bit slow shutter speed and I followed the subject's movement with my lens while they were running and jumping.

Thankfully some of shots worked pretty well to capture good enough clear subject along with blurred motion that adds dynamics to the image.

Thanks for visiting.

All the images were published under the "Creative Commons" licence.


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