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Afternoon at Watsons Bay, Sydney

Another short one here today. The dragging winter seems losing its cold blow bit by bit, day by day. Warm afternoon sun invited many people to Watsons Bay, Sydney as usual and the kids were having fun time in the water. 

What a mess they become after playing in the water ! ^^ It's so cute she was actually tyring to fold her pants to get into the water although I don't believe that will make much differences in the end. Having some break on the hill while taking a quick snap of people passing. I was impressed that he actually noticed me taking a photo. Love Birds... whatever... Very stylish lady cheking her photos with confidence. Yep. This is a postcard like moment at Watsons Bay. Chill... My way back to the harbour the sun gave me another golden moment to capture.
All the images were taken with X100.
Thanks for visiting.
All the images were published under the "Creative Commons" licence.

Capturing Manly in Film

So, I wanted to join the shooting film club for quite some time. Oh yeah, the supposed-to-be-dead-by-now medium - film I'm talking about. Why the hell do I want to shoot film? Simply because I have never done that before, curiosity. You don't need to go to Mars to express that.

As I started the photography in 2009 and Canon DSLR was the first proper camera I ever owned, which is still very much in action actually, you would know my lack of experience with film medium - zero.

Meanwhile I have been sniffing around film photography, mainly from the works of other film shooters I follow on the Internet and loving them so much. The tone and the texture you get from film is just way too tasteful to ignore. I have been using VSCO film preset to imitate film tone in my digital images, but it just never the same. I still love the preset and it's brilliant without any doubts, but again - never.the.same.

Hence, I had no other choice left but equipping myself with a film camera I want…

Manly Beach

No need to talk much. People warming up for the summer at Manly, Sydney.
All the images were taken with X100.
Thanks for visiting.
All the images were published under the "Creative Commons" licence.

Scent of Nan Tien Temple

If you live in Australia, especially in Sydney, time to time you hear the expression, 'the -st in the southern hemispherer'. It seems like a silly pride to present, but the fact is the fact. Without too much competition, Ausralia holds many titles of the -st in the southern hemisphere game. The biggest shopping centre, the oldest university and the largest church in the southern hemisphere all locate in Sydney, NSW.

In addition to the list above, I would like to present the another winner in the largest Buddhist template category, Nan Tien Temple (南天寺). About 1.5 hours drive to the south of Sydney, right after you pass Wollongong, clear signs indicates the road to the temple.

It was the first time I visited the temple. The place was impressively spacious and well managed, good enough to have the largest Buddihst temple title.

When I buy incense sticks for home, I often choose the Opium or Buddhist ones, which remind me of those temples I used to visit back in Korea. Nowadays i…

Sydney Opera House

As one of the most visited place in the world, the Sydney Opera House is full of people from every corner of the planet all the time. Most of them enjoying their first visit to the site and well occupied with photo shooting session.

Typically, long holiday is the best time to get a new camera, especially if the destination is overseas. Consequently, the Opera House is the place where you can find many different kinds of recently released fresh cameras. As a person who occasionally suffers from GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), taking a walk around the place feels like visiting Camera Expo and quite interesting to watch new gadgets on the current market.

I don't think I will never be able to become a serious photo jounalist as I do like taking a photo of people in their happiness so much. This group of gentleman from Asia makes me smile every time I look at their faces. It's good to have people who can share the good time together.
I was thinking that he had a nice shopping bag …

City2Surf 2012 and Mobile Phone

The mobile phone has been considered as a great new tool for street photography due to the excellent mobility from the small size and the consistent availability as it's a phone by nature. I personally haven't been using my mobile phone for any type of photography. I only used it to avoid writing down the  price and pickup number tag at IKEA, to remember the decent wine brand or to keep an embarrassing memories of wild drinking night. Hence, when I shop for a mobile phone, the camera shipped with never been an important factor during the selection process, at least until now.

This year I participated in the City2Surf Sydney event, the biggest running event of the year in Sydney in terms of the number of participants. The 14 km of race starting from CBD of Sydney and finishing at the famous Bondi beach. The weather wasn't that great, in fact it was gloomy, windy and cold with a good chance of possible rain. Thankfully (and naturally) the weather forecast, without disappoi…

A Letter to Sergio Redegalli

First of all, this is not my usual photo blog entry. This is my respond to the email which I received from Mr Sergio Redegalli regarding my previous post, "Graffiti, Racism, Newtown". I just couldn't find a better place to post this, so if you are not interested in, skip this please.

So a bit of background story. About 4 weeks ago, I watched a documentary, 'Dumb, Drunk and Racist' from ABC 2 in Australia. In the first episode of the show, the four Indian people met the artist who paint a picture with the message saying "SAY NO TO BURQAS".

If you haven't seen the documentary, you can find them on YouTube.

Episode 1 Part 1
Episode 1 Part 2

The confrontation scene starts from 5:10 in Part 2 of the video.

Anyway, on that weekend after I saw this on TV, I coincidentally had a photo shooting in Newtown, Sydney and the group of photographers actually had a chance to visit the site ourselves. Apparently, I was very curious about the wall and the painting afte…

18th Biennale of Sydney

Last weekend me and a group of photographers I met through the Creative Street Photography course headed down to Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour where 18th Biennale of Sydney: all our relations is held. The weather was fantastic and the exhibitions were great, especially the old historic industrial buildings on the island really made the event very special.

In this set I wanted to create colours images along with the usual black and white ones. Personally, handling colour feels much more difficult than shooting in B&W, although the experience of practising was a great deal of fun.
The next image was my humble attempt of imitating one of my favourite Australian photographers, Andrew Quilty. I truly loved his recent publication, 'The Mexicans' and those images deeply inspired me, especially the way he uses the light and the colours as a tool of his story telling. In the next one I tried hard to put individual components like colour, shade, geometry into one frame, but ther…