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18th Biennale of Sydney

Last weekend me and a group of photographers I met through the Creative Street Photography course headed down to Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour where 18th Biennale of Sydney: all our relations is held. The weather was fantastic and the exhibitions were great, especially the old historic industrial buildings on the island really made the event very special.

In this set I wanted to create colours images along with the usual black and white ones. Personally, handling colour feels much more difficult than shooting in B&W, although the experience of practising was a great deal of fun.
Industrial Space
Photographers Under Light
I Worship You
The next image was my humble attempt of imitating one of my favourite Australian photographers, Andrew Quilty. I truly loved his recent publication, 'The Mexicans' and those images deeply inspired me, especially the way he uses the light and the colours as a tool of his story telling. In the next one I tried hard to put individual components like colour, shade, geometry into one frame, but there wasn't much story to tell in the end.
Boring Colours?
After all I was at the Biennale, the art festival. There are more than enough colourful subject I could shoot throughout the day, although I felt I can't really digest variety of colours into picture very well.
Danger Zone
Old Room
Nowadays I see quite many people shooting the images with the tablet device, maybe it looks funny at first sight, but the photographer can enjoy the large size of the screen to composite the scene I suppose. In the end it does not matter what you use to shoot.
Self, Framed
Self portrait in a while. This time the mirror came with the frame itself. Buy 1 Get 1 Free!
No one was really asking questions to her, she looked greatly bored at the scene. Cheers for the volunteers!
Ask Me
Our Theatre
I really appreciated the discrete nature of my camera when I was shooting the above image as the room was quite tiny and this couple was deeply focused on the movie played on the screen, I didn't want to disturb them or let them know that I'm taking a photo. I achived what I want.
So this was the last display we visited, the open square shaped room with the ceiling of the array of wind chimes made from bamboo tree. On that nice sunny day, gentle breeze created beautiful and soothing sound of wind chimes. Every people came into this space fell in love with the mood and couldn't stop taking photos. Then, suddenly out of nowhere this little girl started to run in front of us followed by her chasing mother as if she was there to be photo taken by us. She became my favourite of the day.
Eye Contact
Finally, thanks to the group who inspires me in many ways with their great photographic eyes and deligent effort to capture the beautiful images.
All the images were taken with X100.

Thanks for visiting.

All the images were published under the "Creative Commons" licence.


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