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Festival of the Winds, Bondi - on the film

As a part of spring festival, each year Festival of the Winds is held at Bondi beach, Sydney. Last weekend, I enjoyed colouful time with B&W film at Bondi. This shooting was also very special for me as I decided not only shooting film again, but also processing it myself for the first time.

Since I had my first experience with film (here) I have been eager to shoot more B&W ones and it seems that doing my own processing is the only sustainable long term solution for me in the digital times. Thanks to the people who still deeply love the film, I bought different types of B&W films from, and all the chemicals and equiments from Vanbar Imaging.

I ended up buring 2 rolls of Ilford HP5+ 400 films, loaded on my OM10. Let the fun begin :)

Happy Dog
I was very glad that the dog finally jumped as it took fair bit of my time. What a happy dog it was. I envy you.
Happy Hour at Bondi
The beach can't be better than this.
Girl with a Kite
Shooting B&W on the beach seems like drawing oriental painting to me. Firstly, both of the sky and the sand nicely translate into white empty space, which is the essential part of oriental ink painting. Many times the use of empty space is regarded as important as the actual subject of the drawing. 
Best Companion
Secondly, all the rest of blackness becomes the touch of brush on the empty paper. The fun of compositing individual subjects on the scene is huge to me while shooting on the beach.
To His Eyes
Cycling in Style
The festival seemed very successful as Bondi was absolutely packed with the crowd. Good mixture of tourists and locals provided me with numerous interesting figures to shoot.
Hiding from Yourself
Why do people love this? A bit serious thought on this is that the attraction of being able to be someone else  instantly other than yourself must be satisfying many people's darkest desire even though it involves awkwardly funny position you have to pose. Or maybe it's simply a stupid and fun thing to do with your kid :)  
Che on My Shoulder
She Never Looked at Me
No Idea What This Is
This sofisticated costume really baffled me. My best guess on the nature of this disguise is the mixture of Chinese opera singer, a medieval witch, a drag queen from Newtown on top of Pauline Hanson. If anyone has any better clear idea of what this is, then please let me know.
Car in the Water
Roswell Mystery Solved
Bye bye earth~!
Mermaid Temptation
Is Whale coming for beautiful mermaid or an ice cream?
Sky Eels
Against the Gravity
Strong Parenthood
Dad and Me
All the images were taken with Olympus OM10 50mm f/1.4 and Ilford HP5+ ISO400. Then, the film was developed with Agfa Adox, 1:50 11minutes. I also posted my film recipe here.

Surprisingly enough once you decide to do your own film processing, it's not really difficult at all. Thanks to, you can find plenty of informative tutorials online. Also, all the shopping I had to do for processing stuff like development chemicals and various containers costed me less than AUD$100 altogether. Now, I can confidently say the bar to the DIY film processing is very low and the fun and joy you get it from is very high.

After I got the processed negative films, I ordered scanning at the local camera lab for $6 per each roll as I haven't got my own film scanner yet. But I like their profession scanner and they also cut the negatives and organise them in the film strip for me, so this workflow of DIY processing and scanning at the lab will serve me for a while.

Thanks for visiting.

All the images were published under the "Creative Commons" licence.


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