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Grand Father

The grand father of my wife lives in China. He is more than 80 years old - I don't know the exact age honestly. Although he has the chronicle hearing problem in his ears, he becomes incredibly talkative when his grand children visit him. I was very glad to be his story listener on the day.

During the second world war, he was recruited to the army and had to fight on the Japanese side although he is not Japanese.

I was casually listening to his old stories as it was just amusing to hear from someone actually experienced the second world war. Also, they were very personal stories such as how dare new young Japanese officer threatened him on his first day, how he fought back, how cold the weather was when he was stationed in Manchuria and so on. I wasn't really shocked until I heard about the new cannon and bombing aircrafts.

So it was all about the extra packets of cigarette he received when his team shot down US aircraft with the cannon newly deployed in his base ... then…

Jilin, China 2012

Jilin locates on the far north east side of China, between North Korea and Russia. The presence of numerous factory chimneys gave me the first impression of rough industrial atmosphere. As it was a short stay like Shanghai, I only had small chance of looking around the city. These are the fraction of brief glimpse caught my eyes during my time.
The most common scene you can witness in China is the people playing Chinese chess on the street and Jilin was not an exception. At the bus terminal I arrived, I saw a group of people playing chess. I became very curious when I saw this man walking on the road next to the car I was riding. Maybe way too brave?

This dull looking handcart created an instant frame for me to take a photo.
Perhaps they just finished their daily job, or just waiting for someone to come along with them for dinner. These man and woman looked weirdly peaceful in this busy city.
All the images were taken with Fuji X100.
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All the images were published u…

Shanghai, China 2012

During my recent trip to China I had a chance to stay overnight in Shanghai. As it was just a stop over transfer, I was only able to visit a few places. These are some of the snapshots from the night and the day.
The international airport is connected to the city via Shanghai Maglev Train (SMT) which takes 7 mins, it's convenient and fast.  Very impressive! There we go, 300km/h
Walking along the Nanjing Road. When I arrived at Shanghai it was the first day of National Day, which means the busiest time of the year. The street was like the river of the people all the way. I wouldn't call myself a fan of a crowded place, and this time I had no other choice and decided to enjoy it.

The group of people were doing volume dancing in the middle of the street and this old gentleman must have known the moves to lead the lady.

As way too many people were walking toward The Bund area, the traffic light was in fact useless. The policemen and soldiers were acting as a human barrier instead…

Gothic Newtown

It was just another day in Newtown and I was visiting my favorite Sushi place as usual, then I found quite many gothic people walking around on the street. Always fascinating to see their fashion style. It's hard to get it right, but once it's done right, then it is really cool.

All the images were taken with Fuji X100 and Olympus OM10 with Ilford HP5+ film.

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All the images were published under the "Creative Commons" licence.