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Coming Back to Sydney Streets

Finishing off the holiday mode after coming back from China, now is the time to get back to Sydney. This time I wasn't really sure what to shoot, so just decided to hit the familiar streets expecting something unexpected.

First I met Jake. He is a surfer and an illustrator. This was his very first time doing artwork on the wall. And well, his work was not exactly a graffiti type, more of an illustration work doing on the wall. Happy man with bright personality.

Painter 1
Painter 2
Painter 3
Painter 4

The painting was for the coffee store which you can see the sign above. One thing I should try next time is the coffee from this cafe. It seems to have cool and trendy atmosphere. I suppose the taste of coffee would be as nice as it looks.

Next, after a long walk around the city I saw this little summer breaker near Darling Harbour. What better thing can you do during a hot summer day? The whole water structure was his playground and I really wished I could jump with him. It's a hot day after all. 

Summer Breaker 1
Summer Breaker 2
Summer Breaker 3

I have to say the above photo is my favourite of the day. Thank you great kid!

Near the end of my day I encountered a group of people having dance session in the park. I believe it's Scottish tradional dance. I loved the music they played, but wasn't really sure about the dance move itself. Probably bacause I'm origined from far other side of the planet, it looks way too funny to me.

One thing it reminded of me though was the party scene from the movie, Titanic and oh wait! That's Irish, right? Hmm... they all look same to me.

Dance 1
Dance 2
Dance 3
Dance 4
Dance 5
Dance 6

Some of the photos here was shot with rather strong backlight and I had to do bit of post-processing on the scanned images to bring the shadowed part back up although all the other ones besides dancing scene haven't been re-touched.

You got to know your light, you know! Remember the basic, but also the most difficult part of the photography.

Street 1

This time I wanted to shoot the subject other than people as well and this self-cleaning cat was a nice encounter. Unlike the cautious eys in the photo, it couldn't even notice me until I pressed the shutter. I would say you are a bit dull as a cat :)

Street 2

Bring the glamour back Sydney!

Street 3
For a short time I was wondering about this sign. Does this mean that you can only enter the site in a reverse direction? Don't be silly, of course not.
Street 4

Abandoned lonely chair. I felt sorry for the chair. Its sole purpose was to support people's arse, then it gets broken and abandoned on the street. Similar to the destiny of toilet papers.

Street 5
Street 6

All the images were taken with Olympus OM10 with Fujifilm Neopan 400 and Ilford HP5 400.

As stated above except for the dancing photos no image went through post-processing after scanning.

This time in order to have a bit more contrast on the image, I increased development time for 1 minute. I'm quite happy with the result as the photos were taken during the bright day light and my OM10 tends to slightly overexpose the light. With a bit of extra development time, I think I got what I wanted.

If you are interested, you can check my film recipe here and here.

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