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2012 Personal Favourites

2012 has been an exciting year for me. I have learnt so much in photography and met great people who share the same passion. I couldn't get enough shooting as much as I wanted. So much more I was longing for venturing into. However as I couldn't have it all, I must value it more. Thank you everyone who caught in my frame and gave me the power to pursue into photography. These are the personal top 10 photos of the year 2012.

1. The two dare devils at Wattamolla beach in Royal National Park. Beautiful place with an amazing water fall. Surely now only the water falls from this place. This image was also selected by Photos 1440 Challenge held by Sydney Morning Herald.  (28th Jan, Canon EOS 40D)
jumping into the youth 06

2. The nun doing silent protest againg the abortion near Central Station, Sydney. My only decent juxtaposition photo in a year. Although I do respect her devotion to her faith, I could not agree to the anti-abortion movement. Jesus looked worried about her. (30th Jun, Fujifilm Finepix X100)
Jesus and Me

3. The musicion and the accessory shop owner at the Glebe market. Dear El Mariachi, he sang beautifully for me and posed happily. I also loved his time engraved leather jacket. (7th Jul, Canon EOS 40D)
El mariachi 2

4. Mysterious girl at 18th Biennale of Sydney. I still remember the sound of bamboo wind chimes and her cheerful play at the scene. (5th Aug, Fujifilm FinePix X100)

Eye Contact

5. The next photo goes to the owners of the relaxed legs at Manly beach, Sydney. This particular photo just sums up Australian beach for me. What better things can you do here? (19th Aug, Fujifilm FinePix X100)
Sunshine Legs

6. This photo is from the very first film roll I ever shot at Manly, Sydney. The outdoor swimming pool, the local lady was enjoying swimming and the sun. When I got the images of the 1st roll from the lab, I was just mesmerised by the tone and the texture I got from the medium called film. It was just so different from the digital images I have been shooting and definitely an eye opening moment for me. (19th Aug, Olympus OM10, Ilford XP2 400)
Swimming in the light

7. The mislocated mermaid and the dolphin at Festival of the Winds, Bondi beach, Sydney. Personally I really do love this photo. The ice cream truck happened to be on the right spot for me. I'm sure the mermaid provided enough sweetness of the day. (9th Sep, Olympus OM10, Ilford HP5+ 400)

Mermaid Temptation

8. Diving dog at Festival of the Winds, Bondi beach, Sydney. I posted this photo at one of the photography forum on the Internet and one guy criticized me saying the dog is way to left corner. Later on the forum I found out that the guy is a moron (^^) but also realised again that everyone sees things differently. To me the dog is right where it was meant to be. (9th Sep, Olympus OM10, Ilford HP5+ 400)
Happy Dog

9. This was shot during the taxi ride at Jilin city, China. I'm still thinking what they were waiting for. (6th Oct, Fujifilm FinePix X100)

10. The last photo goes to the boy who knows how to deal with the Australian summer. Shot at Darling Harbour, Sydney (4th Nov, Olympus OM10, Ilford HP5 400)
Summer Breaker 3

As I am writing this blog (26th Dec), my blog has the accumulated 20990 page views so far. I really do appreciated who visited here and saw my photos. Publishing my photos in the public space is indeed a humble experience and it is very grateful to have feedbacks from people out there.
I do have so much expectation for the year 2013. I don't know where I will go and what I will see. And that's the beauty of the photography I believe. Something to look forward to.

Wish everyone to have a great time with the loved ones on NYE and happy new year!

Thanks for visiting.


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