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2013 Fernside Annual Skate Competition

This year I had a chance to visit the Fernside Annual Skate Competition. Personally, I can't ride a skateboard. Riding a bicycle with two wheels is the maximum balance I can maintain without embrassing myself. However, while I was watching these kids, I couldn't stop picturing myself riding like a superstar, although I was fully aware of the potential consequences I would have to endure if I ever try. Sad reality indeed.

Since I started writing this blog, this was the first sport event I ever shot. Speaking of sport photography, the camera I chose to bring was not the best option I could have selected, Fuji X100 - my beloved photography companion.

First, it can't zoom, no zoom zoom zoom. Second, 35mm equivalent focal length seems rather wide, at least for me personally, to isolate the subject in this shooting situation. Third and finally, its auto focus speed, as well known, is not the best you can find among the same class mirrorless cameras and my camera doesn't have 's' at the end. So, I was shooting skate competition with the camera with slow auto focus speed, wide angle without zooming capability. What can possibly go wrong?

Hence, my sole focus was creating an interesting composition, at least my intention was. And I'm not sure whether I have succeeded or not. For now these are the photos which have grown on my over the last couple of days. So here we go.

Skate Competition 1
Three Steps of Skating
Skate Competition 2
Skateboard Levitation One
Skate Competition 3
Skate Competition 4
Just Do It!
Skate Competition 5
Skateboard Levitation Two
Skate Competition 6
Time to Go
Skate Competition 7

All the photos were shot with Fuji X100.

Thanks for visiting.


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