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Not So Vivid Sydney Harbour

Everyone seems really busy with Vivid Sydney festival. I see so many of colourful photos taken, which show the magic of light and the passion of photographers.

Meanwhile I haven't visited the event myself this year yet. Instead I had a chance to spend some time in the harbour before the festival started. So this is the post of 'Not So Vivid Sydney Harbour', which I still love.

The sydney harbour is in fact the most challenging place for me to take street photos as it's just way too famous and way too popular. Trying something different in this iconic place is a truly difficult task and I don't dare to say that I've ever succeeded.

All the photos were taken with Fuji X100.
I haven't really talked about my gear or films recently as they haven't not much to talk about. However, today is slightly different. All the photos here are direct JPEG images from the X100 without any post processing, which I normally do from RAW files ... I was impressed ...…

Dad and I

I was shooting at Observatory Park, Sydney with a group of other photographers. It was a sunny peaceful Sunday afternoon, a type of day you would bring your kid to the park for a picnic, and that's what exactly this daddy did.

The photos were taken with Fuji X100 and Olympus OM10. Two in digital and the other two in film.
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After Dark, Parramatta

Recently, I have changed my way to commute from driving to walking. First, I did it because I can - I do live quite close to my office. Having said that I was feeling guilty of my laziness and thought one thing I can do for our suffering planet would be to reduce the number of cars during the morning peak hours, -1.

Since then I have been enjoying a couple of small benefits: unconscious exercise, podcasts and street.

It's just so much easier to walk to work than finding time for excercise. Like eating a meal everyday, it doesn't cost you much mental discipline to continue. Similarly listening the podcasts of interests can be rather time consuming, in fact it requires the fair amount of dedication to keep up with all the new episodes released. Now, this walk to work decision provides the elegant solution to these tedious problems I had and I'm very happy with.

Then, of course, the street. As now I walk day by day, I get to see the things. More precisely, now I do …

Old Dog

Quite while go I acquired a vintage point and shoot film camera from a relative of mine, Olympus Mju II Zoom. It used to be a typical family camera, but has been forgotten for who knows how long. Although the camera is still in an excellent condition and just with a fresh new battery and a roll of film, it instantly became a new photography companion in my bag.

It would be silly to judge the lens performance in this class of camera, but the auto focus is quick and precise. The plastic body feels very light and the ergonomics of  camera is reasonably good except for awkwardly inconvenient location of a viewfinder. I would much prefer it to be on the left top corner.

The thing is that blurry texture captured from the lens go well with a grainy retro look I was after.

All the photos were taken with Olympus mju ii with Fuji Neopan 400 film.

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