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D(o) I(t) Y(ourself) Lightbox Experiment

I recently got asked to take some product photos for a new online shopping mall that my friend is working on, which I never done before. However, I have seen some DIY tutorials on the Internet, so thought this would be a good chance for me to try. After reading some online articles, I planned my own lightbox as simple as possible.

To start with, I collected a decently sized paper box from Costco, which will form the basic structure ($0). Next, the light diffusing fabric, which my wife informed me that we have the old mattress cover ($0).

Finally, I made trips to Burnings Warehouse (hardware store in AU) for three clamp lights ($23.70) and three 100W daylight lamps ($17.70), and Officeworks (stationery store in AU) for black and white board paper for backdrops.

So here we go.

Just a bit of details on the lights. I bought 3 x Osram Daylight 100W equivalent bulb and 2 desk stand lamp and one clamp one for the top.

So this is the final setting. Althgouth it's a big hard to see,…

Walsh Bay in Golden Light

First time in this year, I had a chance to participate in Photos 1440 Challenge Workshop by SMH. This event was organized by SMH as a part of Photos 1440 Challenge competition. The participants mainly spent the afternoon with the real photographers from SMH, doing photo assignment for a day. As I am planning to submit my photos for the competition, I thought this would be a good chance to get some advice on my own photos, so I did. Despite the fact it eventually made me enormously less confident, I am trying to look at the good side of being more humble and able to assess my photos more objectively ... damn ...

The workshop itself wasn't particularly different from any outdoor group photo shooting except that you are guided by the professional photographers. When you call someone to be professional, they in general have good reasons to be called in that way and these photographers were not an exception. It was really grateful to be accompanied by the pros who speak loud abou…

Silent Light at Camperdown Park

Short one today. The photos from the Camperdown Park, Newtown Sydney.

All the photos were taken with X100.
Thanks for visiting.

Vivid Sydney 2013

Another year has passed and it's the time for Vivid Sydney again. I remember the rainy weather from the last year's event and it wasn't much different this time. The wet and cold winter weather welcomed me with full of beautiful lights.

Although I really have to say the main artwork at the Sydney Opera House wasn't as good as last year's :( It's fun, fancy, colorful, cheerful and all that, but the one from 2012 had more characters in my opinion. I even made a short slide show out of it if you wanna check - it's at the end.

Anyway it's just still a matter of preferences, so go out and check out yourself. It's something to watch for sure.

Especially for kids, wonderful, but could be wet and muddy playground :) So dear moms and dads, check the weather and be prepared.

I ended up taking not many photos on the day and enjoyed the atmosphere myself, which was very nice indeed. Even I had a bonus present of encountering good people I know :) So, before…