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Koala Sanctuary

I had a visit to Koala Sanctuary mainly to see Koalas, but I ended up coming back without any photos of them. It was not because they were uninteresting creatures, rather just lazy sleeping babies on the tree under very low light condition. Anyway, I coulnd't get much close to them anyway. So, instead I've got some other animals here.

Wombat - A surprisingly cute lady we met. Kangaroo - Up Close and Personal. Three of Us Peacock and Me
All the photos were taken with Canon S90.

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I was rather surprised when I was going through the photos from Newcastle as they appeared to be lonely and sad looking although the short time I spent there was pleasant in fact. Partially due to the cloudy weather I had I guess, but maybe I was creating such a mood whether I knew it or not.
Silence Love Desert Harbour
All the photos were taken with Fuji X100.

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Foggy Vineyard

I recently rested myself for a while at the foggy, rainy, cold vineyard. I can easily summarise my trip as - "Awful weather, good wine".

When I arrived at the vineyard in the afternoon, I became very much curious to know how the morning sunshine would transform this quite place. I was rather imagining the landscape scenes that you find in the typical wedding photos. The thing is, as I said, the weather was awful.

On the second day when I woke up before the sunrise, the vineyard before my eyes was just gloomy and I didn't mind it. It seemed as if the cold air I was breathing in was running through my veins and touching every sense of my body. Still the morning was bucolically silent and these photos captured the closet image I remember.

All the images were taken with Fuji X100.
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