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Late Winter Continues

More photos from the various places. I really don't like the winter in Sydney. No snows, just the cold wind. Meh.

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Late Winter Street

No special order or anything. Just the list of photos I took during this winter in Sydney. Various places at various times. Enjoy.

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Old Fishing

When I was walking around Pyrmont area on Sunday afternoon I ran into these old Chinese couple - who seem to have been married for a very long time and also were quite busy fishing. Initially, I was just curious to see the way they do fishing by only using the reel with the thread and the bait without any fishing pole. However, when I was leaving the dock, I felt something completely different.

As he saw me standing next to him and watching, the gentleman tried to speak Chinese to me, but soon after he realised I don't speak the language, he seemed no longer interested in talking to me although he didn't mind me taking photos at all. He was highly deft at handling his fishing tools and it's always great fun for me to watch someone's mastery, no matter what skill that is.

Meanwhile the lady was also well occupied as she seems giving some advice to the young boy next to her while fishing her own. She was rather surprised as I started taking photos of her - bit of…