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Street Pussy

Running into a street cat while shooting on the street is not really new for me. However, meeting two photo-friendly cats on the same day is not very common.
Whenever I see a black cat, it reminds me of the short novel, 'The Black Cat' by Edgar Allen Poe, which is the shameful trauma of mine as I read it very young, and it really terrified me at the time. Although in reality all the black cats I've met were nice little cutties and none of them was remotely close to the mysterious omniousness. As a matter of fact the stupidest cat I ever known is almost black :)
Anyway, so this black cat was cautious enough to keep the distance, but wasn't very shy of the camera.
And this is the aggressive attention seeker that is determined to get what it wanted. Even after it strode towards me with the grumpy-looking face, this pussy had an intensive purring session on my fingers. Hahaha.

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Trip to Canola Fields - Addicted To That Yellow

Recently I had a trip to Cowra Shire located in Central NSW, 310km drive due west from Sydney, which is famous for its beautiful canola fields. It was my first visit to the town and that yellow colour shown in front of my eyes was just mesmerizing. So here we go.

This trip was organised by the club, Sydney Korean Photographic Society and I had a chance to learn a lot from many talented landscape photographers. Wonderful time I had and it really made me want to buy SUV :) Although I love my poor Toyota Corolla, but mate, you are just not good enough for the country town. 

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