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Dunlop Slazenger Factory Continues - No More Paper Work

After you have done this amount of paper work, it's probably a good time to say, "Okay, I'm done with this". I would say, "Yes, I think you've done enough". That's all, what a mess it was ...

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Glebe Street Fair - Rainy Edition

It's been already a year since I went to Glebe Street Fair in 2012. Honestly I'm not a big fan of various street fairs as most of them are nothing more than an overly commercialised market place. However, I do find Glebe Street Fair more attractive than others and it must have been due to the location itself, Glebe Point Rd, which has a variety of cafes, restaurants, bookstores and other shops that I like.

Unfortunately, when I made a quick visit this year, the weather wasn't helping at all. Probably the worst weather condition for this kind of street festival. All the bands were playing very good without much audience and the shop owners looked disappointed by the number of people turned up.

But still there were people who found some excitement and trying to make the best out of it. It was still fun for me although it was a little bit wet.

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Dunlop Slazenger Factory - Urban Decay

Last weekend I had a chance to visit the abandoned Dunlop factory in Alexandria, Sydney. It's a quite famous place for its graffitis and eerie atmosphere after not being used for more than 20 years. Such a fantastic place for photography for sure and even better when it rains like the day I visited.

The whole place looks as if the special effects team from Hollywood just finished building to shoot the party scene for drug dealers. The type of place where Jesse Pinkman would hide from Walter White. It was amazing to see that this kind of place actually exists other than the cliché gangster movies.

Definitely fun place to visit although I wouldn't go there at night, or all by myself. It's officially closed, but it's not that closed. So when you have a chance, have a visit and be safe.

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