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Random Street Shots and The Constalk Bookstore in Glebe

I started from Glebe and was wandering around the Harbour side. Random street photos here.

By the way when I was at the Glebe, I stopped by The Cornstalk Bookstore which sells mainly rare/antique/used books. As I found out a bit later, the owner of the bookstore is selling the building so they are in the middle of packing although the clerk doesn't know where it's going to be.

I really do hope they will open the store somewhere else as the place has such a great nostalgic atmosphere. It's kinda sad to see all those moving boxes around.

Thanks for visiting.

p.s: I bought a copy of a photobook, 'Madagascar' by Gian Paolo Barbieri. I was really happy as I not only found a fantastic photobook, but also discovered an even more fantastic photographer.