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Australia Day in Canberra

I made a short trip to Australia's capital, Canberra on Australia Day, 2014. This peacefully quiet and terribly organised capital of the country has the reputation of being ... hmm ... monotonous, repetitive, uneventful ... or just deadly boring :)

However, it would be discriminately unfair to paint only the colour of boredom on Canberra because I did have some fun there, too.
This is the Parliament of Australia, where all the important national matters are discussed. It's the one notable architect indeed, no doubt, full stop.
Before the Australia day fireworks, the helicopter pilot was showing off the flight skill over the river.
The short walk through the tunnel to prepare for the picnic of the day. The excitement is building up.
Celebrating the Australia Day. The lovely fireworks that were worth for waiting and also the bottle of wine definitely helped us to get through.

By the way, the one cool thing I found in Canberra was how lenient the parking rules there - at le…