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The Protest In The Rain

I'm glad to see people sending the messages loud for refugees and other matters. I believe there are still room for less fortunate people in Australia, and I would be happy to squeeze in if I have to.
The bad weather wasn't helping the protest but it helped to make it more dramatic.

I wasn't trying to create any messages from this photo. All I wanted to was include him in the same frame and show that we all have different messages to say. I like this but I can't explain why.

I don't think neither of them will do as it says :)

I suppose Jesus does, but he doesn't love enough to prevent them from being refugees.

Thank you for visiting.

What I Talk About When I Talk About Gears - Ricoh GR

I love camera gears. I like to read about them and learn about them and discuss them. I'm subscribed to various camera review channels on YouTube, my news feeds never miss the latest trend in the camera world, and I have more than one friends on Facebook who never get bored of posting the camera news. So, as you can see, I spend enough time musing on the gear.

Meanwhile, as much as I like them, I try hard to avoid them as it took me a couple of years to realise that the type of camera I use has the least amount of contribution to the quality of the photo.

Even worse, I (personally) do believe that spending more time of gear has an adverse impact on developing photographic skills of my own. So, there I said it. Considering what I stated above, I'm definitely contradicting myself when it comes down to camera gear.

The funny thing though is that the primary motivation behind starting this blog was the new gear I fell in love with at that time, which I still do - Fujifilm X100.…