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Once Upon A Time In Centennial Park

One of the cameras I use occasionally is the Olympus Mju II Zoom. The vintage (fancy name of old crab) point and shoot camera.

On that day after shooting a couple of photos, I suddenly noticed that something looks rather different in the viewfinder. The scene appears to be horizontally stretched. Then, I realised that nothing was actually stretched, just the panorama shooting mode was accidentally turned on.

It's not the panorama shooting as you would do with a modern digital camera - stand still and rotate your camera. What it does is simply to block the portions of top and bottom of the frame to create a panoramic viewport. I had never used that setting before, so I thought it would be fun to try.

The above film is the one used on the day, the thinner strip of images. It's easy to see the difference when you compare it to the bottom one. So, here we go. The panoramic view of Centennial Park in Sydney.

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Park Life

Very often you just need some space to get away from daily routine. No need to be anywhere near being spectacular. The place that makes you want to inhale deep and empty your mind for a while. Or maybe somewhere ...

to read ... or to think ... or to share.

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19th Biennale of Sydney

It's amazing how fast the time has passed in the last few years. The first time I visited Cockatoo Island seems like just yesterday, although in reality, it was 2 years ago. I'm really pleased by the fact that the little passion I had for photography at the time had become a delightful habit, that I can just go back when I miss it.

Last time when I was here, this space was a full of wind chimes, and a little girl was running around who gave me the favourite photo of the day. This time, it was an empty space with the audio exhibition. Something different.
My clumsy grip pulled light like paint on canvas, and I don't mind it. Also, it's always funny to meet bored volunteers at the event. 
I captured a fast moving Jedi with 4 lightsabers :) Believe it or not.

It's always inspiring to see the work of art, and it reminds me how difficult to create something of your own that is considered to be unique. Thank you to all the participating artists for their creative w…