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Recent street shots in no particular order. All photos were taken at various places in Sydney.
When I saw this, I almost felt that the whole scene looks like a cliché as this couple was undoubtedly head over heels in love each other, non-stop kissing and dancing while the street singer was sing 'Kiss Me' by Sixpence None The Richer. I was talking out loud, "Nice move dude! Very romantic, and whatever ..." in my mind.
Symmetry is fun as well as reading. Old friends make me warm in my heart, every single time. These dogs must be so used to this. Nicely positioned themselves while the lady enjoys her reading. Symmetry is fun again.
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Wooden Boat Dock - Father and A Boy

Not too far from Sydney, Central Coast region of NSW offers some beautiful scenic places that are ideal for photo shooting or maybe just a family picnic. This was one lazy Sunday afternoon with my parents. My dad went for a short walk to the wooden boat dock.

Perhaps he knew that I was taking photos, he walked very slowly as if each step meant something. Thanks to him I had a variety of images to select from. Somehow the long stretched dock looks more lonely than ever.

Then, a young with full of life marched towards me later. He seemed to be very excited to deliver the news from his fisherman father to his mum watching them from behind me. More purposeful composition.

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