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What to do next?

I have two photographic questions I'm struggling with right now. One is "What should I shoot next?" and the other is "What should I do with my photos?" I suppose that the answer to the first question would naturally lead me to the next one, although I'm feeling totally lost in the first one.

To tell you the truth, photography is still no more than a hobby for me. The little passion I have and the personal satisfaction I get are the only reasons why I have spent so much of time and money on it. Frankly, pure consumption as it is. Hence, this should answer the first question, right? I must take the type of photographs that I can achieve the most satisfaction from. Then, there is the wall; I can't figure out what that is.

I think it's due to the side effect of learning from the works of various master photographers. It makes you incapable of loving your own work anymore. I raised the bar way too higher than where I can reach and effectively turned a ho…