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On the beach

The end of the year is near, and the summer is not hot enough.  I wish I could get myself wet and warm my body with the sunshine.  Hopefully, it will get better once the year passes. 

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Casual Photography

Doing photography as a hobby means most of the photos I take are done spontaneously. I could be roaming around streets, walking along the beach or waiting for the wife in front of Zara store, and I just happen to have a camera with me, and I felt like taking a shot.
When I come home, I move the photos to my computer, but try hard not to look at them. It's time to stay away from them to detach my emotions, 1-2 months maybe? Sad reality hits when I get back to them. Almost always I say to myself, "They all look worse ...". Okay, at least the marination worked.
The trip to Solomon Islands was a great bonus as I could have the clear goal - document my journey. Day to day life doesn't provide that sort of excitement - I'm not a national geography photographer after all. However, no matter how familiar they are: things I see, places I visit, or people I meet can all be the subject if I try to. Trying again and again ... Casual Photography continues.

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Solomon Islands Trip - Street

This is the follow-up to the previous post of Solomon Islands. Looking at these photos, it reminds me of the rough streets of Honiara during the short time I spent at there. Definitely, something to remember for some time.
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Solomon Islands Trip - People

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to join my friend to her short trip to Solomon Islands. She used to work at there as a volunteer over a year, so she knew where to go, who to meet and what to eat. The whole trip was very comfortable for me. Although I only spent only a week there, I was able to meet some interesting people.t

This gentleman sold the newspaper on the street and was jubilant to pose for my camera.
Coincidentally, the day we arrived was The Annual Disability Sports Day that the hospital my friend used to work for organises each year. So, we visited the event and among many people, this little girl seems very curious and shy at the same time. She kept staring for some time, and I had to take this shot.
The school kids were heading home.They all must have been thinking that why on earth this Asian man taking photos of the people. Still, though, he didn't forget to smile.
Young mum and her baby from a local village. It was wonderful to be in the place where …

Bye Bye Winter

Slowly but surely the winter is leaving us. The warm breeze starts blowing by the time when I'm feeling sick of rubbing my cold toes at night. A little tribute to the last bit of coldness in Sydney.

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When It's Dark

To me personally, operating a camera at night almost feels like gambling. I do know what types of gears or techniques to use for night photography, but I rarely follow them, as firstly it will make me carry a bigger/heavier camera than Ricoh GR, which I would hate. Furthermore, it would involve bringing a tripod, and I don't see these things happening in anytime soon.

Hence, the only option I have is just to utilise whatever camera I have (most of the time, Ricoh GR) to the max to get a good enough photo in a low light condition, meaning typically just two things - bigger aperture and higher ISO. Another good technique I learnt from the photography class I attended many years ago was to hold the breath while tightly putting elbows to your body for better stability when pressing the shutter button. Then, finally check the shutter speed and decide to take a shot or just give up and move on.

Even after using all these tricks, very often I end up finding blurry photos during the post-…

Thinking of Summer

Australian TV and newspapers have been so noisy about the powerful cold front crossing Australia in years that it almost made me expect Sydney version of "The Day After Tomorrow". Although there has been no need to burn my bookshelf for survival, this cold (and wet) weather brings me the memories of hot summer days. Seriously, Sydney winter sucks …

April 2015
This gentleman was operating(?) his waterproof camera while explaining how badly it's broken to every people passing by. At some point, I realised that it wasn't really normal. Nonetheless, I still like this photo.

Peaceful time on the beach. March 2015
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Yashica Electro 35 GSN

So I have done it again. Although I've tried hard to avoid putting myself into buying another gear, I still ended up with this, Yashica Electro GSN35, "poor man's Leica". For the record, I didn't buy it because I saw how cool it looks with Andrew Garfield.

source: cameras in media
Yes :) A little trivia here, the camera that Tobey Maguire was using in Spider-Man (2002) was Canon F-1 SLR, 1981 model, while Andrew Garfield was using Yashica Electro GSN35 in the last Spider-Man (2012) movie. I asked my wife whether she can take a photo of me using this camera like the above and she said it's not possible ...

The camera felt much heavier than I expected at first. It has a robust and rugged feeling to it which I ended up liking although I'm not a fan of carrying a heavy camera, it's just something you have to live with. It only operates in AV mode with the exposure level indicated by the two arrows displayed in the viewfinder. Turn the aperture ring to the…

Vivid 2015

Vivid Sydney almost has become an annual photographic habit now. I'm again pleased with another set of mesmerising lighting artworks this year, although while I was writing this, also realised that I skipped a blog entry for last year's festival after diligently posting for 2012 and 2013. Let's keep the wheel rolling again.

As a side note, every single time I visited Vivid Sydney, it had been raining and this year wasn't an exception. I almost believed that I could have a dry one this time, but 40 minutes of indulgence with local areas after the first round of walking lead us to unexpected heavy rain in the end. Some rules are just hard to break.

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Late In The Afternoon

Late in the afternoon in the park, I wanted to play around with High Contrast B&W Effect of Ricoh GR.

When the camera offers such a strong processing effect, it often becomes the hiding shelter for my incompetency and puts me into the hallucinating state of being a master. Although it provides a certain level of instant pleasure to me, you can't just stay in the illusion. But still, here we go.

About Dinner Time Big Tree The Wall Looking Down
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Hello 2015

Hello, 2015 and it's already near the end of March. Time goes so fast, and I sometimes wish I can just yell, "STOP!"



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