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When It's Dark

To me personally, operating a camera at night almost feels like gambling. I do know what types of gears or techniques to use for night photography, but I rarely follow them, as firstly it will make me carry a bigger/heavier camera than Ricoh GR, which I would hate. Furthermore, it would involve bringing a tripod, and I don't see these things happening in anytime soon.

Hence, the only option I have is just to utilise whatever camera I have (most of the time, Ricoh GR) to the max to get a good enough photo in a low light condition, meaning typically just two things - bigger aperture and higher ISO. Another good technique I learnt from the photography class I attended many years ago was to hold the breath while tightly putting elbows to your body for better stability when pressing the shutter button. Then, finally check the shutter speed and decide to take a shot or just give up and move on.

Even after using all these tricks, very often I end up finding blurry photos during the post-…

Thinking of Summer

Australian TV and newspapers have been so noisy about the powerful cold front crossing Australia in years that it almost made me expect Sydney version of "The Day After Tomorrow". Although there has been no need to burn my bookshelf for survival, this cold (and wet) weather brings me the memories of hot summer days. Seriously, Sydney winter sucks …

April 2015
This gentleman was operating(?) his waterproof camera while explaining how badly it's broken to every people passing by. At some point, I realised that it wasn't really normal. Nonetheless, I still like this photo.

Peaceful time on the beach. March 2015
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