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Casual Photography

Doing photography as a hobby means most of the photos I take are done spontaneously. I could be roaming around streets, walking along the beach or waiting for the wife in front of Zara store, and I just happen to have a camera with me, and I felt like taking a shot.
When I come home, I move the photos to my computer, but try hard not to look at them. It's time to stay away from them to detach my emotions, 1-2 months maybe? Sad reality hits when I get back to them. Almost always I say to myself, "They all look worse ...". Okay, at least the marination worked.
The trip to Solomon Islands was a great bonus as I could have the clear goal - document my journey. Day to day life doesn't provide that sort of excitement - I'm not a national geography photographer after all. However, no matter how familiar they are: things I see, places I visit, or people I meet can all be the subject if I try to. Trying again and again ... Casual Photography continues.

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