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Casual Photography

Doing photography as a hobby means most of the photos I take are done spontaneously. I could be roaming around streets, walking along the beach or waiting for the wife in front of Zara store, and I just happen to have a camera with me, and I felt like taking a shot.

When I come home, I move the photos to my computer, but try hard not to look at them. It's time to stay away from them to detach my emotions, 1-2 months maybe? Sad reality hits when I get back to them. Almost always I say to myself, "They all look worse ...". Okay, at least the marination worked.

The trip to Solomon Islands was a great bonus as I could have the clear goal - document my journey. Day to day life doesn't provide that sort of excitement - I'm not a national geography photographer after all. However, no matter how familiar they are: things I see, places I visit, or people I meet can all be the subject if I try to. Trying again and again ... Casual Photography continues.

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Post Processing

Although I enjoy photography as an escape from the daily grind, I can't fully distance myself from being a photographic geek when it comes to cameras and gears. I have subscribed numerous camera review channels on YouTube and can spend hours reading/watching about various old and new cameras. Especially, most of the brand new digital cameras, they tend to show off their amazing new sensor, super fast shutter speed, and high ISO capabilities resulting in amazing low light performances ... then, I start to scratch my head thinking that post-processing I do nowadays is done to degrade the quality of photo to have a so-called 'vintage film look'.

The Funny thing is that I still love working with RAW files to start with, and the first processing I do is always de-noising an image. Even when I'm almost certainly sure that I'm heading for a coarsely grained result, somehow I like to start with a picture with least amount of noise. It's just like preparing a white canv…

Shark Fishing

I have completely forgotten about these photos. They were taken from Solomon Island last year. I was meant to post, but my laziness caught me up. Eventually, I found them again while organising my Lightroom library.

So, this was on the 2nd day at the Nugu Resort, Solomon Islands. Some new tourists arrived on that day, and they went out for evening fishing. According to them, they caught 3 king fishes and 1 shark at the same spot, and it was their first time fishing on the sea. What a first-time luck!

I had never seen a shark this close before. The skin was super smooth, and it felt like a scuba diving suit.

This man who was a local driver of the fishing boat and he was called to help clean the shark. Although the photo looks rather intimidating, he didn't know what to do in the beginning as he never cleaned a shark before.

So this is the guy who caught the shark. It took some time for them to get the bait hook out of shark's mouth.

It's time to give a quick shower to the dead …


One thing I always wanted to do well is a water sport which I can't do at all. Watching people enjoying themselves on the continuous waves from the ocean makes me smile and slightly jealous at the same time.

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