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Where the art sells

The one place I wanted to visit during my holidays was Dafen Oil Painting Village, a suburb of Shenzhen in China. I learnt about the place from the documentary on YouTube a while ago, China’s Van Goghs (2016). For some reason, the full documentary was available and I had a mixed feeling about it. Mostly, I was uncomfortable to watch it while knowing the producers intentionally made the man visit Europe to witness how cheap his works were regarded and sold to the tourists. The documentary was an art of manipulation, but who can naively believe that it is all real?

Regardless of my impression on the film, I was still deeply intrigued by the place, where the artworks get mass-produced and sold to the world. Luckily, my itinerary included Shenzhen and I could not help myself not visiting there.

I did not plan it but I went there on a weekday and that accidental decision was well complimented by the shop owners since the whole town gets extremely crowded during the weekend. I guess I am not …